American Merchant Marine Library
The American Merchant Marine Library Association (AMMLA) is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization representing a unique and necessary service to those who spend their lives at sea. The “Public Library of The High Seas,” has sent thousands of books to American flag and allied vessels. There still is a demand for books despite the growing use of the Internet and movies on DVD for entertainment.

Correct Use of the Flag of U.S.A.
To promote a deep patriotic sense of respect for our nation’s flag as well as educate citizens regarding its correct usage.
Resources: U.S. Government Publishing Office and American Legion

National Defense
Members fly our flag, vote, work in elections, and serve in the Armed Forces. We send care packages, cards and letters to the nation’s active duty members. In our communities, members present programs on National Defense. State societies and local chapters recognize dedication and notable involvement of cadets in the ROTC / JROTC programs. ROTC / JROTC Awards

Service to Veterans
Members volunteer at Veterans Administration hospitals, state veteran homes, Veterans Health Administration clinics, military hospitals, and military family service. Resources are donated such as magazines and books, greeting cards and note cards given or written in behalf of veterans. Activities include visiting on holidays, or giving programs or parties. Find a location near you.