Uncle Sam

Patriotic Education
Members work to commemorate and recognize the heroic deeds and historical events of the civil, military and naval personnel who aided the American cause during the War of 1812.

Approved Schools
To qualify, a school or college must be for underserved boys and girls, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to secure an education. These approved schools are:

Star-Spangled Banner Flag House
The Star-Spangled Banner Flag House was constructed in the late 1700s. Mary Pickersgill and her family began renting the house in the early 1800s. Mary started a flag making business and in a little over a decade, she saved enough money to buy the house, an unusual accomplishment for a woman at this time. In summer of 1813, Mary was commissioned to sew a garrison flag and a smaller storm flag for Fort McHenry. This flag, flying over Fort McHenry, inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national anthem.