1812 Memorial Library

The 1812 Memorial Library is the only collection in Washington, D.C., focused from the end of the American Revolution in 1783 through the ratification of the Treaty of Ghent in 1815. Holdings include more than 5,000 titles in the collection representing some 6,000 volumes.
Library Catalog

The three main sections of the collection are:

  • Histories for the Period 1784 to 1815
  • Resources Organized by State
  • Family Genealogies.

Patriot Service Collections

  • Archives of Pennsylvania
  • Archives of Maryland
  • Similar official publications of those states most involved with this period
  • Rosters of militia for most of the 18 states in the Union during this time period

Special Collections

  • 1812 Era Newspaper Collection began in 1999 and focuses on the years 1812-1815, for the National Library in honor of President National Anne White Stewart. The collection includes more than 300 papers. View Database
  • Women and the War of 1812 Bibliography was created to take up the charge of the founding Articles of Incorporation for U.S.D.1812: “To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who were identified with the War of 1812, and by publication of memoirs of famous women of the United States during this period.” The goal is to record both primary and secondary sources with the goal of creating a nationally recognized and reliable academic database. Submissions are accepted here. The database will be available soon.


Currently, library hours are by appointment only.
Please send requests to

Admission is free and the public is warmly welcome. The Library is staffed by member volunteers. Research assistance is provided on topics related to the era of 1783 to 1815. Assistance is not available for genealogy or lineage research.

Location: 1463 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20005

Contact: usd1812librarian@gmail.com   (202) 745-1804

The U.S.D. of 1812 Memorial Library and Museum will be closed when the Federal Government buildings are closed or when the District of Columbia schools are closed due to inclement weather.  Thank you.

Copy Services

Library Services Request Form

Copies from library collection material may be requested by completing the form above. Please provide detailed information for research.

Record copies of previously verified U.S.D. of 1812 membership applications and supplemental applications for additional ancestors may be ordered from the Memorial Library for genealogy purposes only. Please know that the U.S.D. of 1812 does not have information on all who served during the War of 1812, only those established by our members.

U.S.D. of 1812 membership applications and supplemental ancestor applications are property of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812. Under no circumstances should they be redistributed to others, sold, digitally published or posted in any form whatsoever. Their sole purpose is for personal use in aiding the membership process or as a tool in helping genealogical efforts.

NOTE: Members of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 reserve the right to request that copies of their applications or supplementals not be shared. The National Society will honor such requests. To protect the privacy of our members, the first page of all application record copies will be removed.

Fee Schedule

Copies made in person$0.20 per copy
Copy of an approved application and/or
supplemental ancestor application
(for personal use only)
$10 per application
Copy of an ancestor file$10 for first 20 pages
$.50 for ea. addl. page per file
Pages copied from library collection material$10 for first 20 pages
$.50 for ea. addl. page