Women and the War of 1812 Bibliography

This project was created to take up the charge of the founding Articles of Incorporation for U.S.D.1812: “To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who were identified with the War of 1812, and by publication of memoirs of famous women of the United States during this period.”

At present, our library has no such publications. This project will be the collection of literature and publications—letters, diaries, memoirs, books, academic theses, and newspaper articles—focused on women and girls (both American and British) who were involved with the war effort from 1784 through to the signing of the Treaty of Ghent in 1815. Although the original charge was for “famous” women, our modern perspective has refocused the value we now place on the lives of all the women and girls of this era. We hope this effort will highlight both the famous women, like Dolley Madison, as well as those lesser known who prepared food, cleaned laundry, and cared for the wounded during the war years.

The submission form is intended to record both primary and secondary sources with the goal of creating a nationally recognized academic database hosted both on our electronic platform, as well as on our library shelves. We hope to create a space to honor the memories of the women and girls of the War of 1812, while also providing a reliable resource for publicly accessible research. Although this bibliography will be electronic, we encourage contributors to also consider donating physical publications and original documents to our growing library and museum collection.

Following is the list of categories:

  • Article, essay or conference proceeding in a journal, magazine, newsletter, or other periodical
  • Chapter or essay in a book
  • Book by a single author or authors writing collaboratively (including translated works)
  • Scholarly Web site (full Web site, individual article, or online archives)
  • Print Archive (not online)

When completing the submission form, please choose the category that best fits your source. Please use one form per source. Thank you for assisting us with collecting sources for the Women and the War of 1812 Bibliography.

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