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Welcome to the State of Wisconsin Society
United States Daughters of 1812
Charter Granted 15 February 1901

Founded in 1892, the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 is a volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving and increasing knowledge of the history of the American people by the preservation of documents and relics, marking of historic spots, recording of family histories and traditions, celebration of patriotic anniversaries, teaching and emphasizing the heroic deeds of the civil, military, and naval life of those who molded this Government between the close of the American Revolution and the close of the War of 1812, to urge Congress to compile and publish authentic records of men in civil, military, and naval service from 1784 to 1815 inclusive, and to maintain at National Headquarters in Washington D.C., a museum and library of memorabilia of the 1784-1815 period.  The Wisconsin State Society is as passionate about these purposes today as we were in 1901.

Our Society Invitation

The State of Wisconsin Daughters have a proud history of service and dedication to the National Society, and we encourage you to learn more about our Society.  Please click on the links that are of most interest to you.  If you are descended from a War of 1812 Patriot we invite you to apply for membership.

We recognize our State of Wisconsin Society Honorary Presidents

Peg Hart

Evelyn Farris

Carol Orth

Charlene Zaneczko

1999 – 2003

2003 – 2006

2006 – 2009

2009 – 2012

War of 1812 Veterans Buried in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Daughters N.S.U.S.D. of 1812 invite you to assist in locating War of 1812 Veterans buried in Wisconsin.  This State President’s Project is intended to be a published collection of three-generation Veterans biographies.  Citations will include the submitter’s contact information.

Electronic submissions are preferred.

High-resolution photos are welcome.

Click this link to access the Submission Guidelines.  Please use this format for all submissions.  Thank you.