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For more than a century, the members of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812, have dedicated themselves to patriotism, preservation of documents and relics, and education.

Chapter Officers 2020-2022

We will celebrate our 35th Anniversary of the Thomas Bay Chapter this year.  We Organized on September 28, 1985!


THOMAS BAY was born 28 January 1793, in Davidson County, Tennessee, near Nashville. He was the son of Andrew Bay, Revolutionary Soldier, and his wife, Elizabeth. He moved with his parents to Wilson County, TN before 1802.

He was almost twenty years old when he volunteered for the War of 1812 on December 11, 1813, for a term of sixty days. He served as a corporal, commanded by Capt. John Hill, in the Regiment of Mounted Volunteers, commanded by Col. Higgins, in the war declared against Great Britain on June 18, 1812.

On January 2, 1815, he married Mary (Polly) Eddings in Wilson County, TN. She was the daughter of William Eddings, Revolutionary Soldier, and his wife, Rebecca Chandler. Four children were born before the Thomas Bay family moved to Haywood County, TN near Memphis. Five more children were born and raised in a community named Goshen.

In 1850, Thomas and Mary Bay, their children and their families, moved to Montgomery County, Texas. They came by wagon train, the trip taking three months, arriving around Christmas time. They bought several thousand acres of land in the J. H. Collard Survey in the northeastern-most part of Montgomery County. Walker and Grimes Counties bordered their property. They built their homes of hewn logs and in 1851 they had also built a church of logs that also served as a school. The church was called Bay’s Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church and School. The Bay family donated the land and the logs for the church as well as labor.

On Jun 15, 1852, Thomas Bay’s granddaughter, Mary Frances Williamson, age 6, died. Thomas Bay donated an acre of land for a cemetery about a mile from the church.

Under the Act of March 3, 1855, Thomas Bay obtained 160 acres of land for his service in the War of 1812.

On February 14, 1861, Thomas Bay died and is buried in Bay’s Chapel Cemetery. His wife, Mary, and many of his descendants are also buried there.

Due to increasing population, a larger church and school was needed so the Bay family gave five more acres of land and another church was built in the 1870’s. In 1891, a third church was built. This one was a frame building. Both my parents attended church and school there. A historical marker was placed on the church a few years ago.

Many of Thomas Bay’s descendants still live on Bay’s Chapel Road and in adjoining counties. A very large crowd returns to Bay’s Chapel on the fourth Sunday in August each year for the homecoming. There are church services and singing all day in the church house and “dinner” on tables under the trees much like they did 100 years ago.

Three sons served in the Confederate States Army. All were farmers to the third generation. All of Thomas Bay’s descendants portray loyalty to their county, community and home. They have been a credit to Montgomery County and I think it is fitting for a new chapter of U. S. D. 1812 to be named for Thomas Bay.

Jewel Wilson Powers Kirkham, Great-great-granddaughter

History of Thomas Bay Chapter #350 United States Daughters of 1812
Updated July 19, 2020     Submitted by Lady E. Marchant Dalton

On the 28th day of September 1985, the United States Daughters of 1812, Thomas Bay Chapter No. 350 of Conroe, Texas was organized by Jewel Wilson Powers Kirkham. She and the following women from the area were the Charter Members: Deborah Powers Bentley, Bessie Tyson Blothe, Alethea “Lea” Thomas Brown, Loretta Elliott Burns, Betty Smith Davis, Inez Barkley Elmore, Clarice Upchurch Foster, Corinne Kuykendall)Larvin, Barbara Wilson Morgan, Norma Maclin Ray, Mary Vick Rainey, Barbara Scarborough Sanford, Shirley Thompson Spuhler, Rosamond Strozier Stewart, Elva Smallwood Wilson, and Vera Meek Wimberly.

The Chapter was named for the ancestor of members Jewel Wilson Powers Kirkham, her daughter Deborah Powers Bentley, and 1st cousin Barbara Wilson Morgan. Thomas Bay served in the War of 1812. Afterwards, he married Mary Eddings in Tennessee and in 1850, the family moved to Montgomery County, Texas. Their property was in the northeastern part of the county and besides building their home they also built a church named the Bay’s Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church and School. Near the church is Bay’s Chapel Cemetery, donated by Thomas, where he and his family are buried. The Church and Cemetery are located off Hwy. 149, north of Montgomery, about two (2) miles outside of Richards, on Bay Chapel Road. Services are still held in the church twice a month, and the cemetery is in continuous use and kept up by family members of the deceased who are buried there.

The Purpose of the Society is to promote patriotism; to preserve and increase knowledge of the history of the American people by the preservation of documents and relics, the marking of historic spots, the recording of family histories and traditions, the celebration of patriotic anniversaries, teaching and emphasizing the heroic deeds of the civil, military, and naval life of those who molded this government between the close of the American Revolution and the close of the War of 1812; to urge Congress to compile and publish authentic records of men in civil, military and naval service from 1784 to 1815, inclusive; and to maintain, at the National Headquarters, a Museum and Library of Memorabilia of the 1784-1815 periods.

Past Chapter Presidents are as follows: Corinne Kuykendall Larvin (1985-1987); Jewel Wilson Powers (1987-1989); Sally Murphy Evans (1989-1991); Odelle May Jones (1991-1994); Margie Overhultz Koutroulis (1994-1996); Shirley Thompson Spuhler (1996-1998); Sally Murphy Evans (1998-2002); Lady Marchant Dalton (2002-2004); Bobbie Carroll Robinson (2004-2006); Virginia Castille Murray (2006-2008); Lady Marchant Dalton (2008-2012); Janisue Rigel (2012-2017); Carol Anderson Hicks (2017-2018); Karen Kurth Hall (2018-2020) who will continue to serve as Chapter President (2020-2022).

Our Chapter is proud to have had many of our members serve the Texas Society as State Officers through the years. Karen Hall and Carol Hicks are both Honorary Texas State Presidents. We also have many members who have served as Texas Society State Chairmen and a few who have served as National Chairmen. Many of our members have been presented The Spirit of 1812 Award through the years for their outstanding service to USD1812 and their community. Karen Hall has also served on the National Board as Registrar General.

Some of the projects Chapter members have participated in through the last thirty-five (35) years are supporting the Veterans, presenting many JROTC medals to qualified cadets in Montgomery, North Harris, & Liberty County, donating books to National, Public and School Libraries, supporting all the National and State projects with their donations.

Our membership has varied through the years from nineteen (19) to the current sixty-seven (67) members including twelve (12) young Junior members. Being located North of Houston, our members are from the surrounding Counties of Montgomery, Grimes, Walker, Liberty, and North Harris. Several members live out of the area, but still in Texas, with a few members living out of State. We welcome anyone interested in USD1812 in our area to contact us for more information.

Thomas Bay Chapter Members’ Ancestors

Allen, Sims, VA
Baldwin, Jeremiah, KY
Bland, John Peyton, LA
Boyd, James, MS
Brooke, Joseph, GA
Burge, Beverly Brown, VA
Caffee, John C., AL
Calvert, William Jr., TN
Carr, Michael, OH
Cartwright, Thomas Peter, Jr., MS/AL
Chandler, Lewis, GA
Coleman, Robert M., KY
Collins, William Wharton, LA
Cox, Joseph, OH
Crawford, Jesse, TN
Curl, Jeremiah, GA
Davidson, William T., VA
de Villier, Francois Coulon, LA
Earnest, Henry, TN
Fitz Randolph, Benjamin, OH
Gilman, Richard Dickey, VA
Grimmett, William, TN
Guyon, Elijah, NY
Heydt, George, PA
Hicks, John Hodgers, GA
Holland, Francis, OH
Horton, Isaac, Jr., NY
Howell, John, MO
Hurst, Harmon, KY
Hutchen, Strangeman, NC
January, Samuel A., KY
Johnston, John H., NC
Jones, James, KY
Kelley, Samuel, TN
Key, Thomas, GA
Kirkpatrick, James, OH
Laury/Lowery, John, PA
Lohr/Lorah, Michael Jr., VA
Low, Isaac, TN
Magee, Benjamin, LA
McGrew, John, OH
Moreland, James Naylor, MD
Morrison, Nathaniel, VA
Mott, Lovelace, MS
Murphy, John, KY
Neal, Mitchel, LA
Newsom, James, GA
Nixon, Robert, TN
McGrew, Archibald, OH
Otis, James, NY
Parrett, Frederick Jr., VA
Richey, Robert, SC
Riser, William, PA
Simmons, Richard, AL
Smither, John, VA
Steele, William, VA
Stickler, Samuel Jr., TN
Strahan, Cornelius, GA
Symmes, Celadon, OH
Symmes, Timothy, NJ
Tobin, Cornelius, SC
Whitney, Abner II, NC
Woodruff, Elias, NJ

Past Presidents
* Charter Member

Corrine Larvin (Mrs. Bernard J.)
Jewel Kirkham Powers (Mrs. James E.)
Sally Evans (Mrs. Larry, Sr.)
Odelle Jones (Mrs. Charles E.)
Margie Koutroulis (Mrs. Nicholas G.)
Shirley Spuhler (Mrs. Shelby L.)
Sally Evans (Mrs. Larry, Sr.)
Lady Dalton (Mrs. W.D.)
Bobbie Robinson (Mrs. W.S.)
Virginia Murray (Mrs. Dennis R.)
Lady Dalton (Mrs. W.D.)
Janisue Rigel (Ms)
Carol Hicks
Karen Hall (Mrs. Ronnie)

In Memoriam
*Charter Member

N-23890 S-1676
*Foster, Clarice A. Upchurch
(Mrs. Charles E.)
Admitted 1985 Died 19 Feb 1991
N-23831 S-1664
*Morgan, Barbara Florence
(Mrs. Sennett D.)
Admitted 1985 Died 17 Oct 1998
N-23364 S-1562
*Spuhler, Shirley A. Thompson
(Mrs. Shelby L.)
Admitted 1985 Died 5 Sep 1998
N-23425 S-1583
*Stewart, Rosamunde F. Strozier
(Mrs. Alton K.)
Admitted 1985 Died 23 Sep 2003
N-24237 S-1739
Evans, Sally Ann Murphy
(Mrs. Larry, Sr.)
Admitted 1988 Died 16 May 2004
N-21128 S-1221
*Powers, Edna Jewel Wilson
(Mrs. James E.)
Admitted 1976 Died 26 Jul 2005
N-23417 S-1578
*Larvin, Mae Conne
(Mrs. Bernard J.)
Admitted 1985 Died 1 Nov 2005
N-24799 S-1885
Brady, Virginia Victoria Winegar
(Mrs. Carl)
Admitted 1990 Died 14 Sep 2009
N-25608 S-2065
Kelly, Altha Fay Henson
(Mrs. Wm. F. Sr.)
Admitted 1984 Died 13 Mar 2010
N-30219 S-2833
Dragon, Mary Jane (Ms)
Admitted 2011 Died 20 Mar 2014
N-28487 S-2542
Barhill, Neva Jean Simler
(Mrs. H.T.)
Admitted 2006 Died 8 Mar 2017
N-31525 S-3021
Peklewsky, Mary Ann Morgenroth
(Mrs. H.T.)
Admitted 2013 Died 4 Mar 2017
N-23365 S-1563
*Sanford, Barbara Scarborough
Our Last Charter Member
Admitted 1985 Died 1 Dec 2018
N-30976 S-2942
Humphrey, Nancy Elaine Wilson
Admitted 2012 Died 25 Jun 2019
N-32158 S-3103
Ausec, Connie McLarry
Admitted 2014 Died 19 Oct 2019
N-29618 S-2723
Hoke, Molly Janeane Gray
Admitted 2009 Died 22 Dec 2019
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