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Welcome to the Governor William Charles Cole Claiborne Chapter
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National Society United States Daughters of 1812


The U.S.D. of 1812,  founded in 1892, is a volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving and increasing knowledge of the history of the American people by the preservation of documents and relics, marking of historic spots, recording of family histories and traditions, celebration of patriotic anniversaries, teaching and emphasizing the heroic deeds of the civil, military, and naval life of those who molded this Government between the close of the American Revolution and the close of the War of 1812, to urge Congress to compile and publish authentic records of men in civil, military, and naval service from 1784 to 1815 inclusive, and to maintain at National Headquarters In Washington D.C., a museum and library of memorabilia of the 1784-1815 period.

General William Charles Cole Claiborne

General William C. C. Claiborne was born in Sussex County, Virginia.  Then in 1811, Congress authorized Louisiana to draft a state constitution which was approved in 1812.  Within weeks, the U.S. declared war on Great Britain.  Claiborne organized the state militia and received information from Jean Lafitte about British plans to invade Louisiana.  Claiborne and General Andrew Jackson worked together closely to prepare New Orleans for British attack.  After the Battle of Lake Borgne made Jackson aware of the British position, he prepared a line of defense on the New Orleans side of the Chalmette Canal where the British were decisively defeated on January 8, 1815.  His rank was Brigadier General of the Militia of the Mississippi Territory.

Gov. Claiborne was born in 1775, died in 1817; buried in Metairie Cemetery.

Alexander, Hiram, SC
Batchelor, John, TN
Bateman, Sgt. Beniah, TN
Beck, James, IL
Bond, Nicholas, TN
Coleman, Sgt. Benjamin, SC
Darwin, John, VA
Dimery, Allen, TN
Ferguson, William, KY
Fort, Elias, TN
Hamilton, Maj. William, GA
Harrington, Lt. Jeptha, GA
Jackson, Edwin Boyd, VA
Jones, Vincent, SC
Lovelace, Sgt. James, GA
Malcom, John, VA
Meece, John, TN
Milam, John Page, SC
Morse, Reuben, NC
Peck, Capt. John, VA
Phares, William, MS
Scott, James, SC
Smarr, John, VA
Smith, William Jarrett, NY
Squires, Sr., William, LA
Townsend, Jesse, GA
Turley, Peter, SC
Waldrop, Claiborne, TN
Wardlaw, John Lewis, SC
Warren, Col. Gideon, NY
Weatherly, John, MS