National Society United States Daughters of 1812

Liberty, Fraternity, and Unity Since 1892

Notable Members

Historic and Notable Women 

of the United States Daughters of 1812


We are pleased to showcase some of our historic, notable, and founding members. At the founding of the National Society, in 1892, several significant women were elected to honorary memberships. Wives and daughters of distinguished men were elected, also women who won fame in their own right to aid in local interest and secure success through influence of name. These elected members were entitled to the privilege of state societies in their own state, or where they were residing. To honor the original 18 states in the Union during the War of 1812, 18 Honorary Vice Presidents National were elected:

Mrs. Louis J. Allen
Mrs. A.M. Bailey
Mrs. Braxton Bragg
Mrs. William H. Brearley
Mrs. Jefferson Davis
Mrs. J.C. Fremont
Miss. Elizabeth Benton Fremont
Mrs. James A.. Garfield
Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant

Miss Mary Grace Hall
Mrs. J.D. Iglehhart
Mrs. Sulivan Johnson
Mrs. William Lee
Mrs. William A. McKinley
Mrs. Edward Roby
Mrs. Russell Sage
Mrs. Nellie Grant Sartoris
Mrs. Letitia Tyler Semple