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Mrs. Reuben Ross Holloway

Mrs. Reuben Ross Holloway


Plaque honoring Ella Virginia Houck Holloway

Plaque honoring Mrs. Holloway

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Mrs. Reuben Ross Holloway

Did you know?  That the effort to make the Star-Spangled Banner the official National Anthem of the United States began with the United States Daughters of 1812?

In 1918, Mrs. Reuben Ross Holloway, a member of the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 and president of the Maryland State Society, led a campaign to make the Star-Spangled Banner the official National Anthem of the United States.  She approached many prominent persons and sought their support for the cause.  Mrs. Holloway sent U.S. Representative John Charles Linthicum, of Maryland, a petition gathered by the Maryland Society, United States Daughters of 1812, which included signatures representing fifty-one individuals and forty-nine civic, fraternal, and patriotic societies.  Only a few of the supporters, including the state librarian of Vermont and the state registrar of the Arkansas Society, Daughters of 1812, lived outside of Maryland.  Representative Linthicum was the first to introduce a bill on congress making the “Star-Spangled Banner” the National Anthem, however, the measure failed to gain much support.  Linthicum introduced similar measures in every succeeding Congress.  

As an effort to continue to secure endorsements, help from other organizations joined in.   Other congressmen also introduced bills to designate the National Anthem, without success.  Then, on Jan. 30, 1930, representatives from more than 60 patriotic organizations gathered in Washington, D.C., to press for another version of the bill introduced by Maryland Representative, Charles Linthicum.  Linthicum’s bill finally passed in the House of Representatives on April 21, 1930, and in the Senate on March 3, 1931.  President Herbert Hoover signed it into law that same day designating the Star-Spangled Banner as the National Anthem of the United States of America.

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